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With many employees now working outside of protected corporate networks, attackers have shifted their sights to the endpoints, VPN technologies and communication software used by your employees every day to access sensitive data.

Achieve your Business Continuity with WatchGuard Passport that gives your employees the Cloud-delivered security they need to work freely from the office, at home or on the go. Each of the services in the Passport bundle provides persistent, always-on protection that travels with your user.

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Remote Workforce Covered,
How we secure their Endpoints

EPP + EDR with
Panda Adaptive Defense 360

There is an increase of malware attacks such as ransomware during pandemic with 31% of companies reporting daily cyber attacks and found out that 35% of customers endpoints were exposed to malware.

WatchGuard’s endpoint security platform delivers maximum protection with minimal complexity to take the guesswork out of endpoint security.

DNS-level protection for users on the go

Phishing attacks are occurring at historic levels, which is not surprising since the report found only 2% of companies consider URL filtering when evaluating a cybersecurity solution. That oversight leaves remote workers vulnerable to phishing sites -discovered that approximately 10% of users clicked on malicious websites in May, June and July.

Keep your users safe from phishing, ransomware, and other attacks without requiring a VPN.

Easy-to-use authentication
straight from your mobile phone

COVID-19 has provided fuel for cyber criminals to prey upon the public’s concern about this global crisis. Recent scams are designed to trick people into sending money, to disclose personal information or to click on emails and website that deliver computer malware onto the recipient’s computer or network. Impersonation and credential theft have seen a big spike of credentials being sold in the Dark Web.

WatchGuard’s Authpoint – an MFA solution adds another authentication layer on top of username & password for accessing VPN, laptops and Cloud applications.

No need to carry tokens – authenticate using a simple mobile app on your phone.

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